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Structured Settlement for Central New York Structured Settlement for Central New York Structured Settlement for Central New York

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Structured Settlement for Central New York

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Hart Settlement Group provides expertise in structured settlement negotiations. We assist plaintiffs and their counsel in determining a valuable settlement plan that will meet the future financial needs of the plaintiff.

We facilitate the management of large sums of money received from personal injury or wrongful death settlements, therefore securing the plaintiffs future financial needs.

Our Services
As a member of The Settlement Alliance, we specialize in various services in order to guarantee a smooth and precise structured settlement process.

Mediations - We assist our clients’ in assessing settlement offers to determine the true value in today’s economy. We are available to assist you during your mediations either in attendance or by telephone, depending on your preference.

Control of Your Money - We guide our clients through the settlement process and warn them against potential constructive receipt issues and adverse tax consequences that could arise from an improperly structured settlement.

Life Care & Needs Analysis - Our firm itemizes your future medical costs and financial needs, compares them at various inflation rates and analyzes your situation. We can then structure your settlement in a way that benefits your situation and meets your specific financial goals.

Settlement Documents - The completion of all settlement documents and adherence to all IRS guidelines are carefully undertaken by our firm to ensure that you and your interests are protected during the process.

Ongoing Assistance - We provide ongoing assistance to you for the life of your structured settlement.

Please read on to learn more about the tax-free benefits and financial security provided to you by structured settlements.

Feel Free to contact our office in the event you have additional inquiries regarding a specific case or if you’d like to meet with a settlement expert.

David Hart
Settlement Planner
Structured Settlement for Central New York